About This Blog

This blog is all about helping to reduce the fear of cancer. It’s about how I learned to turn my life around after I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 1986 and early stage colon cancer and skin cancer in 1987.
I was prepared to die, but I was coached by my husband, friends and family to overcome cancer and find my own road to recovery from cancer.
There is a growing body of evidence that many cancers can be prevented. As a Certified Wellness Coach I am here to help you find your own road to prevent cancer or prevent a recurrence of cancer. If you have cancer I will help you to live each day the best you can, and to raise your quality of life.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


2 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. Elisa Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    How are you? My name is Elisa Garcia-Rey and I work with New Balance on their breast cancer awareness campaigns. I wanted to share a description of our current campaign in the hopes that you might find it relevant to yourself and your loyal readers. New Balance is currently celebrating their 20-year partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure with a special documentary that will feature the real life story of a participant in the Komen Race for the Cure. To select the featured runner/survivor, we are asking for people to share their story with us as part of our “Running on Hope” contest. The person who is selected will be invited to Washington, D.C. for the Global Race for the Cure® on June 6, 2009 where they will be featured in New Balance’s documentary about our history of supporting the cause. Entrants can share what running in the Race for the Cure® means to them in a 1-minute video that they can upload at http://www.newbalance.com/runningonhope. One winner will be chosen from among these entries. We hope that this contest will allow people the chance to inspire others in the same way that they inspire us, and that you’ll be able to share this with others in your extended community. Thanks so much for your time and consideration, Lynn.



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