Support the CBCF Run for the Cure

I have been a CBCF volunteer and a fan for many years because I think the CBCF provides people with the energy to take action and do whatever it takes to overcome breast cancer.
I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 1986 & skin and colon cancer in 1987. I had the 3 strikes and you’re out mentality, and I felt my life was over.
Fortunately I had great support from family, friends and my health care team; I also had a supportive husband who coached me to regain my health.
I made many lifestyle changes:
I replaced all the junk and high fat foods with fruits, and vegetables etc. I ask myself “Is this good for my health?” before making food choices.
I make sure I walk every day; having a dog helps to get me out the door.
I practice deep breathing, deep relaxation, and good sleeping habits.
I manage my stress levels and work through negative emotions, so each day I can feel positive and hopeful for the future.
One day at a time I have managed to be cancer free for 22 years and I appreciate life so much more than before my diagnosis. I hope that people who have not had cancer can learn from those of us who have, and make healthy lifestyle choices so they will stay well.
Authorities are now saying that 30% to 50% of cancer can be prevented; add to that the 25% of cancers that can be cured if they are detected early, and we can really have an impact on reducing this disease if we choose to live well.


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