Beat a family history of cancer

If you can fall into a cancer diagnosis because of family history, you can fall out of it by making some lifestyle changes.

In the book ANTI cancer – A NEW WAY OF LIFE, by David Servan-Schreiber, it says that “Genetic factors contribute to at most 15 percent of mortalities from cancer. In short there is no genetic fatality. We can all learn to protect ourselves.”

I heard a University professor give a lecture a few years ago. He started off by saying he should have delivered his lecture the previous year, but he was busy having a heart attack at the age of 52. Apparently all the male members of his family had heart attacks at the age of 52; I wondered how much of the heart attack was caused by the stress of expectation.

I’ve heard many people say they have a number of relatives with cancer, so they believe they have no choice but to succumb to this fate as well.

My parents both died at the age of 46 and I was moving in that direction until I changed the thoughts in my subconscious mind. I had 3 types of cancer in 1987 and have been cancer free since then because I did some work on my beliefs and my lifestyle choices. These choices are mostly about good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management and there are many other factors to consider on a personal level.

The power of the mind is amazing in creating our health outcomes. I’m convinced I would have died long ago from cancer if I hadn’t given my body a “live” message instead of the “die” message which was programmed in to my thoughts.

It seemed as if it would be a lot of work at the time, but once I got my head around making the changes it actually wasn’t as much work as I expected it to be. In any event, it’s a small price to pay for seeing my family grow up, and the reward has been living for 22 years in good health.


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