Stress Relief

Aaaagh! I’m temporarily stressed out about something and the computer makes it worse. I always tell people “manage your stress before it manages you”, so I looked for an article to get some fresh ideas on how to manage my own stress.

I found one article with excellent material, but before I was half way through, my stress level was even higher. Check it out here:

My stress came from the ads and all the stuff crowding in from the side so I had to strain to read the article in the middle. It agitated me and I quit reading the article.

I thought of all the people who are on computers all day, and wondered how the screens affect them. Then I found this article:
“Where to Turn Your Eyes for Stress Relief”
“A Room with a View
When 90 college students were asked to complete a short series of stressful tasks, their desks faced a blank wall, an open window, or a high-definition plasma screen displaying the same nature scene that was outside the window. The results? Students with window seats were the quickest to recover from the stress; their heart rates dropped back down into the normal range fastest. And the more time they spent taking in the view, the better.”

So it’s not just me. Computer screens can be stressful and now I’ll be more careful to limit my time on sites which over stimulate my brain, and spend more time on sites which are user friendly.

It’s tough to escape stress, but creating a balance is one key to managing it: stress – relax – stress – relax. This technique keeps our stress level from going through the roof. We can handle stress if we give ourselves a break and change the chemistry in our bodies with a period of relaxation. Deep breathing is a handy tool for de-stressing the body when we need it, and it works anytime, anywhere.


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