Peace of mind

Peace of mind is the ultimate goal in life according to many people. I learned about this when I was struggling with a cancer diagnosis, so having peace of mind sounded wonderful to me. At the time I was far away from having peace of mind, but decided to make it my goal. My thought was that in order to have peace of mind, I would have to be in remission from this horrible thing called cancer. And that’s where I wanted to be – cancer free.

I felt as if my cancer diagnosis created a range of emotions and thoughts which I couldn’t control. At times, I thought my head would burst. Something had to change if I was going to survive, as it would be impossible to live for any length of time with such a barrage of negativity.

With help I gradually learned to let go of depressing thoughts from the past and fearful thoughts of the future. I learned to focus on one day at a time, to actually see what is around me and live in the moment.

It’s been amazing to get my feet back on the ground and to enjoy moments in the day which are filled with simple pleasures such as listening to music or admiring something beautiful. I learned to relax, and have positive thoughts which create life giving positive emotions. I’ve found the road to peace of mind.

If you or a loved one are dealing with cancer, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to find your own road to peace of mind. This may not cure cancer, but it will help to raise the quality of life, and it may extend your life as I believe it has extended mine.


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