Healing thoughts

I believe that changing the thoughts in my head helped me to recover from cancer and be cancer free for 22 years. Even after conventional treatment I knew there was still a problem in my body, and I began the search for clues to help me get well. I learned healing techniques from the books I chose to read, and the tapes and the people I chose to listen to.

Over the years I’ve talked about this process, but have been criticized by people who say there is no scientific proof to back up my ideas. Many people want evidence based medicine such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I would never suggest that these methods don’t work; they do, but the key is to build on them.

It takes work, a lot of work, and energy to focus on health and healing rather than on such things as the side effects of treatments. It gets easier after treatment is over, to find the time and energy to look for ways to help the recovery process along. We need to be willing to take charge of our health in order to find ways to ensure healing. Finding our own unique path to recovery is easier if our thoughts are focused on getting well.

I recently listened to a Naturopathic Doctor who affirmed my ideas. It seems there is a shift out there; more people are subscribing to the theory that the power of the mind can make us sick and/or heal us according to our thoughts.

I hope this helps people to understand there is a choice. Cancer can kill you, but if caught early enough it can be treated with conventional methods; then it’s up to the individual to listen to their body and figure out what it’s telling them to do, to firm up the healing process.

If the goal is to heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit, and we focus our thoughts on healing, we are likely to get what we want by taking an active role in our own well being.


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