An easy form of cancer prevention

There’s a new study which reports a way to prevent 25% of breast and colon cancer. If you’re interested in cancer prevention and choose to take this route, Vitamin D will help you and the recommended daily dose is now 2000 International Units per day.

Vitamin D apparently helps to keep our cells close together so there’s less chance that cancer cells will be allowed to grow. It seems that the human body has a natural mechanism for controlling cancer as long as all systems are working properly; therefore I believe the more we can do to keep our systems in good working order, the better. Taking Vitamin D is one way in which we can help our body to do its work and defend us from having cancer cells grow out of control.

According to an article in the Globe and Mail today, the recent study was done at Moores Cancer Center at the University of California in San Diego. The Canadian Cancer Society is “the first major public-health group in the world to call for taking the vitamin to cut cancer risk”; it is my hope they will soon be joined by many others.

I encourage you to spread the word about this important step in health care. I’ve spoken to many people who are afraid of getting cancer because they have a strong family history. It would really help these people to take the fear out of getting cancer if they would choose to take Vitamin D; it’s a cheap, easy, and effective way to protect our health.


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2 Responses to “An easy form of cancer prevention”

  1. jodeevale Says:

    My understanding is that we need Vitamin D-3. And, most of the supplementation in things like milk is Vitamin D-2 which is not as effective!

    Most of my family lives in the Pacific Northwest, where sun deprivation is epidemic, compounded with the fear of skin cancer. Gradually, I am getting them to take Vitamin D-3.

    Let’s get together to promote Vitamin D-3!

    • lynnroodbol Says:

      Sounds good Jodee, and thanks very much for your comment.
      I’m not a nutritionist, but I’m very interested in cancer prevention. If reputable organizations are promoting something as simple as Vitamin D to prevent cancer, then I think it’s a worthwhile thing to do.
      It was recommended to me to take Vitamin D3 in a 1000mg supplement which is cheap to buy and accessible.
      If people aren’t sure what to do they should consult a doctor or a registered dietitian.

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