More on Positive Thinking

A positive frame of mind brings us peace, and makes us feel good to be alive. It didn’t come naturally to me, but I now make a conscious habit to find small pleasures in life every day. I believe this habit helped me to overcome cancer 22 years ago; my quality of life has been raised, and I believe my quantity of life has been extended for the same reason.

A report released recently said that people have optimistic or pessimistic tendencies when they’re born. I’m a pessimist by nature, whereas my brother is a born optimist.

We are all capable of changing our thoughts. Negative thoughts put me in a downward spiral which feels bad and can lead to depression. However, if I make an effort to stop and turn the spiral around, I create positive thoughts about the same issue. This switch from negative to positive creates an upward spiral; it puts different chemicals in the body which promote energy and lead to life giving feelings of well being and happiness.

There are people who say they don’t believe in positive thinking as part of their toolbox to overcome cancer or poor health in general. I encourage them to take another look and ask themselves what outcome they would like to see. For example, if I would like to go up the hill, it will be tougher to get there if I focus my thoughts on going down the hill. In the same way, if I want to feel good and recover from an illness, it will make it easier if I think about how well it is possible for me to be, and focus on being well.

Wellness can be defined as the best possible state of health we can reach, with what we have today. We must be realistic, but if we create a vision of ourselves in the best possible state of wellness, we’re more likely to stretch to a higher level than we would without a vision. It’s good to ask:”What is the ultimate state of wellness I can achieve?”, and go there.


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