Reality check on swine flu

WHO’s afraid of the big, bad pig? This headline in the Globe and Mail today made me laugh, but there is too much fear being produced right now.

At a Wellness Fair yesterday I spoke to many other wellness providers; the general consensus was that fear is being marketed to the hilt when it’s more important for us to keep calm and think.

Fear of swine flu does get attention and hopefully it will make people take action, but it can also paralyze people and create more stress.

Stress is one of the worst things to affect the immune system in a negative way and when faced with a possible pandemic, nothing will protect each of us more than a strong immune system.

So it would be of great benefit to the world if those of us who can, would choose to boost our immune systems. You can do this by getting good nutrition, regular exercise, lots of sleep, deep relaxation, and managing your stress. You can choose to eat lots of fruit and vegetables so you get lots of vitamins, drink water, go for walks, make sure you get adequate rest, and wash your hands often. Change in lifestyle habits is not always easy, but it will make a difference if you do your part to stay healthy.

All of these immune boosters are cheap, easy, and accessible to most of us.

The best defense is an offense as they say in the sports world. If you want to boost your immune system, I’m sure you know how; for your sake and everyone else’s, please just do it!

Take good care of yourself – the world will thank you!


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