Great news re cancer treatment!

Research at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto by Dr. Pamela Ohashi and Dr. Tak Mak has produced a technique which may eliminate the need for chemotherapy. In essence they “combined a vaccine with a naturally occurring substance in the body called interleukin-7 (IL-7), a protein that helps white blood cells ward off disease.”

See the article “Study finds way to boost immune response to cancer” by Hayley Mick in the Globe and Mail April 27, 2009 or ”the findings, published online yesterday in the journal Nature Medicine”.

When I was being treated for 3 types of cancer in 1986 and 1987, I was encouraged to use guided imagery and visualization to boost my immune system, and to help my body get rid of cancer cells. I attended groups, read books, and visualized my white cells killing cancer cells several times a day.

All through the course in chemotherapy my white cell count was high; at one point I had to be tested for leukemia because the white count was so high. I have continued to use this visualization and have remained cancer free for 22 years.

I don’t think visualization alone has kept me healthy, but it has helped. I’ve improved my lifestyle with regard to diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, and stress management; all of these factors affect the immune system.

I believe that a strong immune system is the key to good health. The research to discover an immune booster for cancer patients is welcome news for sure!


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