Visualization works to improve your health

If you want to reach your best possible state of health, you can do it with the help of visualization; the trick is to know exactly how well you want to be and to stay focused even after you get there.

The technique for visualization requires total concentration, which isn’t easy when you’re facing something like cancer as I was in 1987. The thing is that if it works for cancer, it will work for whatever else is going on. I can often get rid of colds, aches, and pains just by visualizing myself as well as I can possibly be.

In 1987, I had the surgery and chemotherapy that was recommended by my doctors, and I also took advantage of the weekly support group at the cancer center which introduced me to meditation and guided imagery. At home, I couldn’t focus by myself and used tapes which walked me through a guided imagery as well.

I am convinced that doing visualization helped me to regain my health. It got so that I was visualizing when going about my daily routines. When I was walking I saw cancer cells being wiped out with every step I took. When I was sitting somewhere or waiting in line I would play out the scenario of my white cells killing cancer cells.

A few months before I was diagnosed there was an article showing the destruction of cancer cells by white cells in the National Geographic magazine; it was June of 1986 to be exact.

There was a picture of cancer cells looking big and healthy with white cells around them getting ready to do battle with the diseased cells. The next picture showed how the white cells distorted themselves as they broke down the cell membrane of the cancer cell. The third picture showed the cancer cell reduced to a skeleton of its former shape and a white cell beside it ready to cart it away for the body to get rid of it.

These pictures helped me to keep my mind working through the process of eliminating cancer from my body long after my treatment had ended. To this day if anything makes me think I may have a recurrence I visualize myself in a healthy state as I go through the steps of seeing the doctor and having medical tests.

Visualization helps me to feel as if I am taking charge of my health which is a very important part of being healthy. I do whatever I can to be as well as possible from this day forward; I start from here and go forward one day at a time.


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