Are you in denial?

Denial is the most common coping skill; it protects us from the pain of whatever is too hard to face. One style of management is to ignore things so they will either go away or be resolved without the manager having to intervene. But what if the issue doesn’t go away? The problem is if we don’t face it, it may just stay there and drag us down or get worse as time goes by.

I know when I was first diagnosed with cancer, I used denial to hide from the truth; my brain couldn’t accept the fact that it had happened to me. So I protected myself from the truth, but in hindsight I wasn’t doing myself any favors. Denial kept me from taking action.

After doing some work with a psychologist, I learned to face cancer. By facing up to myself as a person with cancer, I was able to decide what to do about it. I was able to do the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical work to get myself on the road to recovery.

If you’re in denial about something as big as cancer, I encourage you to stop and take a look at it. You can look at yourself in the mirror and check out how you’re feeling. Think about what you can do to face the issue so you can figure out what action will help you resolve it. With something like cancer, it’s important to start sooner than later as the chance of resolution is so much better in the early stages.

It’s a really good idea to enlist all the help you can get from family, friends, support groups, church, hospice, community groups, and coaches. Having someone to coach you through tough times is like having a lifeline. If you’re in denial and you need help – please reach out to others who will walk beside you on your path. You may be surprised at how well you cope once you face the issue head on.


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