Love vs. fear

I’ve learned a lot about how to live with love for myself and for others, and that living with love reduces fear because love and fear cannot co-exist. I’ve learned about the value of living in the moment and loving life however it presents itself. Having cancer has taught me many things; my life after cancer has been far richer than it was before the days when I had to face my mortality.

However, I learned at a workshop this weekend that no matter how many times I think I’ve faced my ego, things keep coming up so I have to face it again and again. At least now that I’ve practiced this so many times, I can move more quickly through the stages of fear to acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

There are so many sayings about love being all there is and I get that. It feels so much better to love others than to fear them. Once I forgive myself for feeling negative thoughts about a situation, it takes a lot less energy to love than it does to fear. In fact, having love for my self and for others creates energy. That energy is put to good use in helping my body to heal itself on a daily basis, and to stay as healthy as I possibly can.

If you could use more love in your life, start now to list all the things you appreciate and love about yourself. This is not about self indulgence, self-importance or arrogance; it’s about warmth and caring for yourself, and gratitude for all the blessings you have brought into your life.


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