Cure vs. Healing

There is much talk about curing cancer, and I would like to hear more about healing.

Curing comes from outside a person; it’s something that is done to a person in an educated attempt to make them well. Without medical intervention to cure me I may not be here, and I do appreciate every effort from my health care team to help me get well when I had cancer in 1986.

However, I was surprised that I didn’t feel well after treatment was over, and continued to think I was going to die in my early forties leaving 3 children to grow up without me.

I read an article which said that people who are pro-active about their health have better outcomes; so I made a decision to do whatever was within my power to be pro-active and find building blocks for my road to recovery.

At first I wished I had the financial resources to run around the world looking for cures, but I began to realize that my own inner resources were more important than my search for a cure. With support and coaching from my family and friends I found help and advice on how to get well.


I gathered information from books, tapes, seminars, and workshops, and learned about healing which is defined as: the natural process by which the body repairs itself.

In Dr. Alastair Cunningham’s book called “The Healing Journey” he talks about “tipping the balance with self help”. This means that if the cancer is at an early stage, and the person has medical treatment plus the energy to perform self help methods, it’s possible to overcome cancer and regain a state of health. If the cancer has advanced and tips the fulcrum in its favor, then unfortunately the chances are that the person would not have the energy and resources needed to overcome that cancer. This theory supports the importance of prevention and early detection of cancer so that it is diagnosed at the point where it can be treated and overcome.

I am grateful that I learned about self healing in time to help myself get well and I’ve enjoyed good health so far. I do not take my health for granted and practice the 4 basic elements of good health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress management.

Healing is therefore a combination of many things, but for each person it is a unique combination of whatever it takes to move a person along the road to their best possible state of wellness.



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2 Responses to “Cure vs. Healing”

  1. Jane Says:

    Hi Lynne
    Just want to say congratulations on such a simple, clean looking blog. I get so turned off by all the myriad of blogs covered with flashing ads and ‘opt in’ forms….and, congratulations for taking a pro-active stance and giving your body the chance to heal itself. You’ve obviously made the right ‘wellness choices’.
    Best wishes

    • lynnroodbol Says:

      Thanks Jane, simplicity has been a big part of my healing process. I’m also glad to see a general shift towards a focus on wellness; it makes for a brighter future for many people.

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