Do you love yourself enough to eat healthy?

In the days when I was a junk food addict, or a chocoholic, I have to say I didn’t care enough about myself to see that I was making myself sick. I would just eat to make myself feel better, but then I’d feel worse because I knew the stuff I was eating was bad for me.

I was more concerned with taking care of other people than I was about taking care of myself. What I didn’t realize is that I could take better care of other people if I was healthy. If this sounds confusing, it fits, because I used to be confused about this issue.

I used to think that if I looked after my self first, I was being selfish. Now I know that if I take good care of myself, I am able to take better care of others.

Having a healthy diet means that I eat healthy food at least 80% of the time and control my weight to stay in the healthy range of the BMI guidelines. I even get to eat chocolate every day, but I limit it to one wafer of good quality Belgian chocolate. I buy the dark chocolate that people use for melting since it comes in wafers and it’s easy to stop at one wafer; if I buy a chocolate bar I feel obligated to eat the whole thing.

If you think your diet could be healthier, the important part is to figure out what will work for you. Think about how you can make simple changes which will be easy to maintain, and make a commitment to yourself to follow through.

Having someone beside you, to coach you, to be accountable to, can help you stay on track and make all the difference in being able to enjoy eating a healthy diet.


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