What do you do if you make a commitment and then find you can’t keep it?

I find it difficult to break a commitment once I’ve made it, but if my gut is telling me it’s not the right thing for me to do, then I have no choice but to break it as soon as I realize there’s something wrong.

It’s not easy to feel that I’m letting myself and other people down, but I think it’s important not to feel guilty about doing so. If guilt is involved then the decision is not the right one.

I’ve read about the importance of taking right action and it feels so much better when I know I’m doing the right thing; I stay within my own integrity instead of living by what I think other people want me to do.

I’ve decided I can’t please everyone so it’s much more consistent to know what’s best for me. This doesn’t mean I’m being selfish because I do consider other people’s needs and wants, but first it’s important that things sit right with me. I can help more people if I’m comfortable within myself.

Each time I break a commitment it reminds me to be more careful about making commitments in the first place; life is full of lessons and I’m learning all the time.


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