What a release it is to forgive someone and then, the best part: to forgive yourself!


Even though I know better, there are times when I take things personally and react to things in a negative way when I perceive things which bruise my ego. I sometimes have thoughts which do not support me, such as “She doesn’t like me” or “I don’t fit in here”. I know I’m not alone. In conversation with a very smart woman the other day she said that “many people feel they are stupid”. How sad it is that we beat ourselves up this way.


It has taken me a lot of mental and emotional work to acquire the skills to work through negative emotions, and as you see, they still don’t kick in automatically. I have to work through and process the negative emotions in order to let them go; if I don’t do that, they stay in my head and that’s not healthy.


Since my experience with cancer 22 years ago, I’ve learned the importance of being in good health in all areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Among other things, I took a course in Cognitive Restructuring which helped me immensely to convert negative thoughts in to positive thoughts. It makes me feel so much better about my life when I can release a negative thought and feel peace in its place.


The end result is that I’m able to forgive others who I perceive to be unhelpful, and then remember to forgive myself for thinking those thoughts in the first place. The feelings that replace the former anxieties are those of love and compassion, both for the people who pass through my life and for me.


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