Find Your Own Road

Positive thinking – there is an interesting controversy about this idea; some people take it for granted and others have to learn to appreciate it. When I was diagnosed with cancer, many people said to me “Think positive!” How could I think positive? What did they mean? It’s tough to think positive when you’re on chemo and you think you’re going to die too soon. I understand why some people say that positive thinking doesn’t work. It didn’t work for me to pretend to be feeling positive if I was feeling terrible. It didn’t make me feel better to put on a false smile and deny that things were bad. But I knew it didn’t help me to stay feeling lousy or depressed either.

It took me a while to get unstuck and start “being” positive, not just thinking positive. With one small step at a time, I learned to turn my thoughts around: I started to think and then believe that I would heal and have a life after cancer. Feeling better about myself helped me to have a better quality of life each day. This helped me to have hope for the future, and I now know what those positive thinkers are talking about. I enjoy life so much more if I feel positive.

As each year goes by since my diagnosis, I give thanks that I learned to let go of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts; this has led to positive beliefs and a more positive attitude towards life in general. I give thanks for the extra time I have lived.


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