Find Your Own Road

Let go of the past and make room for all the wonderful things you can find today.

At one time, I had so much unfinished business in my head – there wasn’t room for anything new.

In 1987 I thought I was dying of cancer and wanted to make my last months as pleasant as I could. My surgeon recognized that I needed help and sent me to a psychologist; she helped me to process through a pile of baggage in my head and I felt so much lighter. It’s like dumping old files on a computer to make room for information that is up to date.

I felt free for the first time in years and found life so much more worth living without that old stuff hanging around.

Now 22 years later I still acquire stuff and get bogged down at times. It takes work to stay on top of all the stuff that comes at you, but I know it’s important to be mentally healthy.

If you have extra “stuff” you’d like to get rid of, it’s worth the effort to do so.

One way is to sort through the baggage: keep what’s good, file on a shelf what may be of use in the future, and work on letting go of what’s dragging you down.

The pay off is being able to feel good about yourself, to find something new to enjoy each day, and to raise your quality of life. It doesn’t cost money, it just takes time and the ability to focus long enough to let go of things you don’t need anyway. 

This helped me to find my own road to recovery from cancer.


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