Find Your Own Road

There’s an easy way to make all the choices and decisions you make in a day; it’s simply a matter of priorities. Once your priorities are in order, decision making is effortless. The results are that you will manage stress related situations more effectively, and be comfortable with your decisions.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1986, I knew I had to do something to get on the road to recovery. Once I decided to do everything I could to regain my health, good health became my number one priority and everything else fell into line behind that. Cancer was my wake up call to start making healthy choices in what I ate and the way I spent my time.

There were some challenges at first, but I was motivated enough to keep going and change my unhealthy habits from the past. I learned a valuable tip which simplified everything. I heard Dr. Nancy Wardle, a psychoneuroimmunologist speaking at a seminar about all the hundreds of health related decisions we make in a day. She talked about what we buy at the store, what we take out of the fridge, how we behave at work, whether we choose to go out with friends or get more sleep. Every decision creates an effect on our health whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.

Dr. Wardle suggested an easy way to make decisions without having to agonize over each one. First you have to rate your priorities in life and if you want to regain or maintain good health, make it your number one priority. Then you can ask yourself a question and filter every decision through the question “Is this good for my health?”

This simple technique changed my life. I like to do things the easy way and I was learning about the importance of simplifying my life, so I latched on to this question as a way of helping me to make decisions every day. You can use this technique for everything, just choose an appropriate question as your filter and you’re on your way to making the choice that is right for you.



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