Cancer Recovery 13

How easy is it to speak up and tell people what you need? It’s not always easy, but especially if you’re dealing with health issues, it’s really important.


I used to think that people could read my mind and if I needed something then my doctors would order it for me, or in the case of my husband that he would organize it for me. I found out that things don’t work this way and the more we can do to help others understand our needs, the more likely it is they can help us. We want to be careful to separate our needs from our wants here, and fulfill the needs before we work on the wants.


We learn to help ourselves if we communicate our needs to others, as just knowing what we need can make it so much easier to solve the problem. Each one of has a right to have our basic needs met; it doesn’t mean we’re needy, but if our basic human needs go unmet, it creates a life of unnecessary struggle.


There’s a big payoff for society in the long run. Being able to feel that your needs are met makes you feel better about your self, then this leads to your being more inclined to treat others with the love and compassion they deserve.


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