Cancer Recovery 12

Doing something nice for yourself every day is a big part of living well with cancer.

I learned this from a psychologist who was helping me to regain my health. I met her for a few months, and managed to let go of most of my unfinished business in that time. Fortunately, I realized it was unhealthy for me to hang on to all this stuff from the past as it dragged me down and used up my valuable energy.

We worked together until she felt I had reached a plateau. One day she said “Instead of starting to ruminate over similar issues, I want you to go away and do something kind for yourself every day for one full month. Don’t come back and see me until you can tell me you’ve done that.”

I felt a little rejected, but decided to take up her challenge. At the end of the month of doing something nice for myself every day, I called her to say I didn’t need to see her anymore. I felt so much better after treating myself to a kindness every day; I knew I was on the road to recovery.

What will you do today to be kind to yourself?


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