Cancer Recovery 3

Cancer can be a great teacher: I learned more about relationships than I had ever learned before my diagnosis with cancer, and I credit my support system for helping me get well. 

So in order for my support system to help me, I had to be willing to accept help. This was very difficult for me and other people I’ve spoken to, because many people with cancer are nice people who like to do things for others and not have others do things for them.

It’s a good thing for me that I learned to be gracious about asking for help and accepting it. I found it amazing that so many people wanted to help me and my family, and once I figured out that the world wouldn’t fall apart if  I let other people do things for me, it was wonderful!

If you are facing cancer, the best thing you can do is to build a support system of people who can help you get through the day and give you hope for the future. Forget about how things used to be and build a whole new life with people who love you so you can love them back.


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