Cancer Recovery 2

I understand that a diagnosis of cancer is like a slap in the face. Then the carpet gets pulled out from under your feet. A roller coaster appears and you’re thrown up, down, and around so you have no sense of direction anymore. When the roller coaster stops, you find yourself  in a swamp with no clear path to follow.

I’ve experienced all this and heard others say the same: it’s a nightmare.

What saved me was my support system. My husband, family, and friends came to my rescue and coached me along until I found the road to recovery.

If you know someone who is facing a cancer diagnosis, please be kind to them. The act of love and friendship may just save their life.


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6 Responses to “Cancer Recovery 2”

  1. xenophilicx Says:


  2. livingbeyondbc Says:

    Great advice, Lynn! We’re holding a networking meeting on January 12 about harnessing the emotional roller coaster of breast cancer–seems like an appropriate title 🙂

    • lynnroodbol Says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Michelle; I’m very interested in the work you do at Living Beyond Breast Cancer. You provide an excellent service for women to educate themselves about cancer and how it can change our lives. I believe that as long as cancer is detected early enough, it is possible to live an enhanced life after breast cancer. If I can help with the work you do, please let me know. Best wishes, Lynn

      Lynn Roodbol, MRT(R), CWC Certified Wellness Coach Phone: 519-837-2570 E-mail: Blog: Website: Helping to navigate the cancer recovery journey!

  3. livingbeyondbc Says:

    Thank you, Lynn! If you could promote our blog in future entries, that would be fantastic. We’re always looking for new followers! Also, if you could give a quick “shout-out” about our January 12 networking meeting, I think it would be useful for many women. You can find more info here:

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